Dean drank a magic potion allowing him to communicate with animals in this week’s Supernatural, “Dog Dean Afternoon,” so that he could get information on a case from the only witness: The Colonel – a dog.

As Sam warns, ‘mind melding’ with animals may cause the human to exhibit animal-like behavior: in this case, yelling at the mailman and playing fetch. It also did come in handy to solve the case of a dead taxidermist who was mysteriously crushed to death.

But, before Dean (Jensen Ackles) gets in touch with his inner canine, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean initially suspect a few animal activists who have their eyes on hunters associated with the taxidermist. When they go to a vegan restaurant to question them, the activists inform them that they too were attacked on the night of the taxidermist’s murder. Someone sprayed mace in their eyes outside the taxidermist’s shop that night – they were vandalizing the place – so they left. After a closer look, Sam realizes that the activists weren’t sprayed with mace at all, but snake venom.

At a local animal shelter, the killer steals a few cats and is just killing another to eat when the sound of a dying animal attracts the attention of the guy at the front desk. He rushes in, and the killer takes out his claws and kills him.

With the animal activists ruled out, Sam and Dean head to a local animal shelter to investigate this new murder. It’s here that they find The Colonel, the dog they determine is their only solid lead and witness to the death of his owner, the taxidermist. They take the dog with them and, with the help of Kevin’s Inuit spell, magically find a way to allow Dean to communicate with The Colonel. As it turns out, all animals in the world of Supernatural share a common language, so Dean is now privy to the thoughts of all species.

The brothers return to the shelter where Dean attempts to question the dogs, and, after bribing Sam for a belly rub, one dog tells them about the killer who stole the cats earlier. He says the killer had bag with a restaurant name on it. Off to the restaurant, Dean only pauses for a moment to free all the dogs in the shelter.

That night, the Winchester’s break into the restaurant, and Dean finds a cage of rats who tell him their chef is eating animal parts. Sure enough, Dean finds animal organs in the fridge and Sam finds a Shaman spellbook that says that if the reader eats certain animal organs, they can temporarily acquire traits of the animal – for example, eating a snake heart might give you a forked tongue.

They split up to search the restaurant for the chef/killer and, unfortunately for Sam, he finds him. The chef slashes Sam’s throat, which would have killed him if he weren’t being possessed by angel Ezekiel (Tahmoh Penikett), who promptly took control of Sam’s body to save his life. Witnessing this display of immortality, the chef knocks Sam out – he wants to eat Sam’s organs in an effort to heal his cancer.

Dean confronts the chef, and whistles for his dog friends from the shelter to come help him. They appear and rip the chef to shreds. With the murder solved, the boys pack up and leave after finding The Colonel a home with the animal activists.

The Winchesters get in their car and drive away, but not all is as well as it seems. Sam is getting suspicious as to why the chef wanted to eat him. He doesn’t really remember dying and coming back to life, and he can’t fathom why the chef would want him. Dean tries to brush it off, telling his little brother that the chef was just another crazy villain, but Sam doesn’t buy it.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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