Emma Stone, 23, has been busy. Last year's The Help, which won Octavia Spencer an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Crazy, Stupid Love, which featured steamy scenes between Stone and her costar Ryan Gosling, might have launched the redhead (ahem, natural blonde) into "serious acting" territory beyond her Superbad, The House Bunny and Easy A roots, but now she's about to embark upon the superhero genre with The Amazing Spider-Man, in which she plays the first love interest of Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy.

What you may not know, however, is that Stone almost didn't accept the role in The Amazing Spider-Man, being hesitant to sign onto a franchise that could become larger than life, as The Hunger Games and The Avengers recently did — making careers and changing lives. "What scared me was the idea of, 'What could happen to my life after doing something like this?'" Stone admitted to Access Hollywood.

"I auditioned on the day that Easy A came out, and I was in the middle of shooting The Help, so it was a very different time period," Stone said, indicating that she had yet to become a household name when the prospect of The Amazing Spider-Man lay before her. "It was the end of 2010 so it was very different than now. So, it's mindboggling."

However, it was another young female star on the cusp of a stellar career who inspired Stone. "I love Jennifer Lawrence," Stone revealed. "I watched a lot of her interviews for Hunger Games. It was kind of the same thing she was feeling," Stone said, referring to Lawrence's previous uncertainty about putting her name to The Hunger Games.

"There was hesitation, of course, over the size of it and what my life would be like if I were to say yes, but I slowly came around to the idea. I'm happy I did," Lawrence said at the time of The Hunger Games release.

Catch The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Stone and her real-life boyfriend Garfield, on June 3.

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