If you found yourself dancing around to the latest Target commercial, you might have Spencer Ludwig to thank. Since leaving band Capital Cities to embark on a solo music career, the singer-songwriter-trumpeter has released a hit single, “Diggy,” collaborated with Latin pop star Sofía Reyes, and premiered his music a colorful new ad for the bullseye-logoed franchise. Ludwig recently sat down with uInterview to talk about his music journey thus far.


Ludwig, who joined up with Capital Cities shortly after playing his way through a jazz degree at CalArts, saw his time with the band as an incredible learning experience. “It was almost like a masterclass at what to expect when you’re writing pop music and touring,” he said. “And I also made a lot of relationships and one of them happens to be the person who signed me to Warner Bros. Records as a solo artist.” Ludwig naturally said yes, and months later he debuted his single, “Diggy,” which is part of a full-length album. He decided to release the fun,

Ludwig naturally said yes, and months later he debuted his single, “Diggy,” which is part of a full-length album. He decided to release the fun, trumpet-backed track first to emphasize his style of upbeat music. “The lyric is a fun, kind of lighthearted lyrics that is basically saying I am going to get you dancing to the sound of my trumpet,” he said. “I want everyone to recognize that my music is about having fun and dancing and all revolving around the incorporation of the trumpet…the whole concept of my album is that.”


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The song was later submitted with other potential tracks for a Target campaign; “Diggy” was ultimately chosen for the franchise’s “Good Vibes” spot. “The visuals were really exciting and it was a beautiful commercial,” he said. “I’ve always been a fan of Target commercials, so I was really happy that for my first brand-partnership it was with a brand that I really got behind and felt could really elevate the song.”


Ludwig has also begun collaborating with other solo artists, notably Sofía Reyes after meeting her during a tour of Latin America with Capital Cities. “Always stayed in touch with her, and the second the label said that we should do something to reciprocate the Latin American that’s been playing the original version of ‘Diggy,’ Sofía was the first person who came to mind,” he said. The singer noted that translating the “slang” in his song into phrases a Spanish-speaking audience would understand was a fun, but exciting challenge. “I like to use my own little catchphrases and combinations of retro slang and current slang, and the way that my lyrics are being sung has to sort of feel as “swaggish” in Spanish. But I feel like she did a really good job.” Ludwig wants his music to eventually reach people around the world, and working with Reyes was another way of making that dream a reality.

His soon–to-be-debuted solo record also offers elements of that grand sound and vision. “When I started thinking about my album I wanted the sound of my album, the production, to fill an arena and feel that large,” he said. “So, definitely as you get into the album you are going to hear really big-sounding songs.”

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