Sonic Mania’s been a breath of optimism for fans of SEGA’s iconic mammal. I’ve personally been enjoying my time with it! However, the blue blur’s other major 2017 release, Sonic Forces, draws near, and SEGA’s divulged details pertaining to its imminent release.


One of Forces‘ three primary heroes will be the gadget-totting Avatar, whom you arm and design yourself. However, if you want your Custom Hero to roam around dressed as other SEGA heroes, you’ll get to dress him or her up appropriately.

Pre-ordering the upcoming platformer will net you the “SEGA/Atlus Pack,” granting the greenhorn access to 13 costumes, all of which are modeled after five SEGA titles. It’s always nice to see nods to Puyo Puyo, Jet Set Radio and Super Monkey Ball, but I’m the happiest for NiGHTS representation. Nonetheless, I imagine the Persona 5 costume will be very popular. It’s a really good game.

Moreover, the “Bonus Edition” will also come with a skin to decorate your console’s controller. Regardless of your platform of choice, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch controller skins share visuals of Sonic and our new villain, Infinite.

You can pre-order the Bonus Edition retail package for $39.99. Information regarding the plans for digital pre-orders for PC and the three aforementioned consoles will come later.

Sonic Forces will Drop Dash into stores on November 7. uInterview has two Sonic fans onboard, so stay tuned for continued coverage of Sonic’s next mainline adventure.


Also, in case you missed it, here’s the most recently revealed song from Sonic Forces:

This track will play during Sonic’s encounter with his longstanding rival, Metal Sonic. Fans will recognize it as a remix of the Stardust Speedway Bad Future theme from the American Sonic CD OST.

Personally, I don’t care for the remix (especially in wake of the original and Generations renditions of the familiar melody), but it’s a nice change of pace to see the other Sonic CD soundtrack get some attention.

Finally, one of my Source Gaming friends recently got to demo Forces at Gamescom in Germany. He wasn’t blown away by Forces nor did he think we’re heading for a 2006-esque train wreck. Still, if you happen to follow my ramblings on Twitter, you’ll know my biggest concern thus far is the Avatar’s stages. Nirbion’s impressions did not quell my fears…

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