The movie version of Sonic the Hedgehog revealed two post-credit scenes which point to a sequel to the hit movie. Both scenes were drawn from the video-game that the movie is based on.

The first scene was about Doctor Robotnik in the aftermath of the movie. In a flash-forward to some months later, Robotnik is seen in the Mushroom World where he’s been stranded for months with the wreckage of the ship he used to attack Sonic with. He’s shaved his head and his mustache has grown several inches, making him look like the Robotnik in the video games. He now matches the crazy persona he has in the games, talking to a rock on which he’s carved out a face so he can carry on conversations with “Agent Stone.”

In the second scene, Sonic’s sidekick from the video games, a fox with a tail that allows him to fly around names Tails. He arrives through a portal saying, “If these readings are accurate, he’s here! I hope I’m not too late!” He then flies towards town where Sonic is living in the attic of his human friends, suggesting the next movie will feature a Sonic and Tails team-up adventure while Robotnik tries to leave the mushroom world.


The movie released on February 14 to mixed reviews from critics.

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