Scott Weiland performed his Stone Temple Pilots classic, “Vasoline,” at a recent concert, but the frontman’s less than stellar performance had some worried Weiland was on drugs.

Scott Weiland’s Strange Performance Causes Concern

“Alright…This is a new song, we just worked it out today,” Weiland drawls in the video uploaded of the disastrous concert.

Weiland was performing in Texas on Tuesday with his new band, The Wildabouts, when he attempted performing “Vasoline” for the audience. Video recordings of the cringe-worthy performance soon surfaced online and went viral, causing many fans to question Weiland’s talent and sobriety.

Weiland has reportedly reached out to TMZ and denied he was high at the time of the performance, though he did admit to having a few drinks before the show. Instead, Weiland’s rep insisted that it was simply a bad night. The rep also claimed that Weiland’s earpiece had gone out during the show, making it difficult for him to sing on pitch. “Good news we’ve overnighted him a brand new pair of earbuds and they will be there for his show in Baton Rouge tonight,” Weiland’s rep told TMZ on Thursday.

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