Chester Bennington’s widow, Talinda Bennington, commemorated her late husband on the fourth anniversary of his death. Bennington served as lead vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park at different times. He died by suicide in 2017.

Talinda shared a picture of Chester on Instagram, noting her husband’s sense of humor and expressing her gratitude for their children. She said she has “vast amounts of pictures and videos to remember” him.

“You always had a way to make us all laugh. You always made everything better. And when you put this lettuce cup on your head to make us laugh because our food was taking forever, you made everything better once again … We miss you every second of every day. You were the best person I have ever known.”

In March, Talinda also commemorated Chester on the day of his birthday.

“Happy Birthday,” she captioned the video of her husband and one of their children, Tyler. “You would have been 45 and yes, Tyler would have you doing this dance again! This life without you never gets easier or less painful.”

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