Linkin Park has released the “Carpool Karaoke” video they recorded for James Corden just days before frontman Chester Bennington took his own life.


The 23-minute clip was posted to the band’s Facebook page with permission from Bennington’s family. The footage was captured on July 14, just six days before the singer’s death. In the video, Bennington can be seen laughing and singing along with his band mates Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn, and guest Ken Jeong.

“So you just come in and take over the band. I love it!” Bennington said to Jeong, when he suggested a band name change.

The group drove around belting out some of the band’s greatest hits, such as “Numb” and “Talking to Myself.” It featured Bennington teaching Jeong how to do his classic scream. Eventually the lead singer rolled the window down and sang to unsuspecting passersby. “The key to sreamging… scream-singing… you want to relax the voice, use your diaphragm,” Bennington explains. Jeong takes the lesson to heart and successfully scream-sings. “This is probably the greatest day of my life right now. You are the best,” Bennington said.

At one point, they even pull over to do a fun dance routine on the street. The beginning of the clip shows a message that reads, “With the blessing of Chester’s family and his bandmates, we share this episode and dedicate it to the memory of Chester.”

As of this writing, the video has already garnered nearly 6.5 million views. Watch it below.

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