Jigsaw was released on October 27, as the newest sequel of the Saw series. It has been seven years since the last movie, Saw 3D, was released.

At the end of the seventh chapter of the series, Jigsaw had died from cancer. The main question in the new film is whether or not Jigsaw really died and, if he did, who is orchestrating the “games” now.

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The new film, directed by the German-born Australian brothers, Michael and Peter Spierig, starts as all of the other Saw movies. The “players” are trapped, chained up, terrified and even confused about what’s happening. The first scene shows five people with their heads in a metal buckets that are attached to long chains leading them to a wall that is studded with circular saws. As the chain reels them in, it’s leading them toward the wall.

Four of the five comply with the rules but the guy at the end doesn’t, resulting in him ending up on the autopsy table. The autopsy is conducted by two pathologists, Logan (Matt Passmore) and Eleanore (Hannah Emily Anderson).

Jigsaw, played by Tobin Bell, appears to be alive as he shows up in classic Saw form. He’s on a bicycle as a harlequin marionette, with glowing red eyes. Jigsaw’s voice is heard on a taped message, which is used to tell the remaining four victims what their next task is, but mostly badgers them for the empty lives they’ve led so far.

The reason Jigsaw picked out these people to go through his maze of torture is that the sins that they committed involved endangering the lives of someone else. Most of them are then given the option of mutilating themselves to save the life of someone else.

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