Director Darren Bousman revealed the funniest joke Chris Rock made on the set of Spiral, the ninth installment of the Saw franchise.

“We did a scene very early on that was a really dramatic scene, and we shot this before Chris Rock did Fargo so, you know, I think there was a little apprehension and nervousness from Chris,” Bousman explained. “It was a very, very powerful, dramatic scene. And he does the entire scene, and you can tell that he was nervous going into it, and he does it and he kills it. He was amazing. And we yell cut and everyone on the crew starts cheering and clapping.”

“And Chris looks directly at the camera and said, ‘Lest no one forgets I was in Pootie Tang. What I’m saying is I have range.’ And like I just died on the inside,” Bousman said, “because it’s like, you know, from Pootie Tang to CB4 to Beverly Hills Ninja to Tambourine, the guy has done everything. And now he’s adding in horror and drama into it and I think that that is awesome to see.”

Spiral is in theaters now.

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