Saturday Night Live decided to go with comedic actor Jonah Hill to host last night’s episode but the comedian fell down with a lackluster performance. Hill opened the show by getting into a small fight with Kyle Mooney. 


“Hey, Jonah, medium fan … I was wondering what it’s like to be a big movie star. Could you ask one of your friends?” Mooney asked. Hill couldn’t come back with a quick enough answer which made the joke seem like a ridicule. This was Hill’s fourth time hosting the show.

Adding more insult to injury, the most humorous clips from the March 5 show didn’t include the host. The first was “Racists For Trump” which was a spoof campaign ad on the “real American voters for Trump.” The short clip deemed Nazis and KKK supporters to be the Trump voters.

Hill was able to dully shine in the skit, “The Champ” where he played a wrestler who was under the impression he beat the rival town’s best wrestler. He is invited to an exclusive high school party by head cheerleader played by Kate McKinnon. Upon arriving at home, Hill finds out that he won the match out of an “act of charity.” The clip succeeded due to his co-stars Kenan Thompson, Vanessa Bayer and Taran Killam. 

For the musical guest performance, Future performed “Jumpman” and “March Madness” with special guest, The Weeknd. Hill even joined the rapper on a verse during “Jumpman.”

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