Maybe Sarah Palin, 46, has finally found her niche.

TLC, the network that airs the reality program, Sarah Palin's Alaska, is eager to get the former Alaskan governor to sign on for a second season of the show, which enjoyed a solid debut of over 4.96 million viewers in November.

Since then, the show's viewership has remained strong. The recent episode featuring Kate Gosselin's now-famous meltdown aired to 3.066 million viewers. "That is more people than are watching Bravo's Housewives series or most other cable shows," an insider told "For sure the network is doing everything it possibly can to convince Sarah to do another season, but at the end of the day it looks like it will all come down to money."

For Season One of the show, Palin is reportedly receiving $250k per episode, bringing her total for the 8-week series up to two million. "Sarah knows to strike when the iron is hot," said a friend of the former politician. —KIMBERLY STEELE

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