Collin Gosselin recently opened up about being institutionalized at age twelve and his estrangement from his mom and siblings.

The former reality television kid, now 18, told ET in a recent interview that his mom Kate put him in a facility for several years. He said the experience put him in a “dark place mentally.”

“Being in a place like that does more damage than it helps you,” Collin said.


Collin didn’t agree with his mother’s reasons for sending him away. The famous mom said her son had “special needs” at the time and said that their “entire family has been impacted” by his behavior.

“It’s unfortunate that that’s how my mom phrased me as a person,” he said. “I don’t see those things and I don’t think anybody else sees those things but if that’s how she sees me, that’s her point of view.”

After spending his 13th and 14th birthdays institutionalized, Collin finally was able to reach his dad, Jon, begging for help.

“You’re my dad, my savior, please help me,” he wrote in crayon in the letter. “I’m counting on you to get me out of here.”

In 2018, Jon was granted temporary full custody of his son. Kate reportedly did not appear at the custody hearing. Collin said it “didn’t really bother” him that his mom was absent from the hearing.

He now lives with his father and sister Hannah but is estranged from the rest of his six siblings and Kate.

“I would do anything for my sister,” Collin said. “She was a big part of my emotional support. She helped me out a lot and still does to this day.”

Collin said that he would love to have a relationship with the rest of his family, but that they don’t speak. In an emotional message to his estranged brothers and sisters, he said: “I love them very much.”

“How I see it is, without parents involved, it’s just me and them,” Collin said. “I really hope that one day when I have kids, my kids will know their aunts and uncles.”

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