Samsung is revising one of its pillars with the Notebook 9 Pro. While certain details elude us, the Notebook’s new screen seems to be the laptop’s big enrichment.


Akin to Samsung’s Chromebook Plus and Pro laptops, the Notebook 9 Pro’s screen has been given 360-degree mobility. Thus, you can use the Notebook 9 Pro as a laptop or tablet depending on what suits your needs at the time. And akin to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, Samsung’s latest has a touch-screen.

One of Samsung’s S Pens will come for use with the touch-screen, a first for their laptops. The S Pen can remain neatly nestled in the machine’s base when unneeded. Plus, the S Pen can launch its Air Command feature, which allows for swift note-taking or drawing. The screen is 1,920 x 1080 pixels and the stylus has 4,000 pressures levels, so you’ll easily be able to express yourself.

The Notebook 9 Pro will come in two sizes: 13.3 inches with 8GB of RAM, and 15 inches with 16GB of RAM. They’re fueled by a Intel Core i7-7500U processor and Windows 10 Home will serve as their operating system.

The pair will support USB-C “for fast charging,” with two standard USB ports embedded into the design as well. Furthermore, an HDMI port is included, as is 256GB worth of memory. Finally, both laptops accept microSD storage.