Amazon’s empire, which features its namesake online store and numerous electronic devices, is extensive. One of the newest inventions the giant has released is the Amazon Echo Spot, an alarm clock. Chances are you probably use your smartphone’s built-in alarm already, but will this device inspire you to upgrade?


Amazon’s sleek, circular Echo Spot is a compact machine, weighing 14.8 pounds and spanning 4.1 x 3.8 x 3.6 inches. It’s compatible with plenty of smart devices, from phones to the compatible smart devices that enhance your home. Additionally, the Echo Spot can seamlessly fit into your Wi-Fi network.

According to Amazon’s standard, the Echo Spot is Alexa-enabled, meaning the famous digital assistant will help you upon being summoned. Alexa, as usual, is activated by voice, and she can dial your contacts or any of your friends who own an Echo Spot, Echo Show or the Alexa App, the latter of which works with Android and iOS devices as well as your web browser. Alexa can perform other tasks too, such as adjusting the thermostat, turning off the lights or livening up your room by playing music. And, whether you’re listening to your favorite song or simply being informed that it’s time to wake up, the Echo Spot’s powerful 1.4-inch speaker will be heard and enjoyed.

Amazon’s high-tech alarm clock can be purchased in white or black for $129.99. A quick start guide, and a six-foot power cable and adapter are included in the package. If all you need is a basic alarm clock, then you needn’t upgrade. But if you want to add some flavor to your morning routine, the Echo Spot is a nice way to do it.

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