Microsoft’s Surface linage is getting a new member. Announced earlier this month, the next Microsoft Surface Laptop will return to a more traditional design.


The laptop’s internal components are pretty typical for the time, including a Intel Core i5 CPU and 128GB of memory. USB Type-C is still exempt from Microsoft’s hardware, but the Laptop does have ports for other common sights, namely USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, Surface Connect and a headset jack. A 720p HD camera decorates the device, too.

The default operating system is Windows 10 S, with an offer to upgrade for free to Windows 10 Pro spanning the rest of the year. This conversion will be one-way, Microsoft says, and it will cost $49 after the window to do so for free expires.

The Surface Laptop’s screen is 13.5-inches, with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Weighing around 2.76 pounds, the device’s light build means users won’t be encumbered with something that’s hard to carry. The monitor is also a touch screen, so the ease of use from more recent Surfaces will be retained. Thankfully, users should be able to use this device for up to 14.5 hours on one charge.

Burgundy, platinum, cobalt blue and graphite gold are the four colorations the Surface Laptop will come in, although they all share the same sleek design. Interestingly, the new Surface Laptop is a return to the clamshell designs of yesteryear. Furthermore, the screen is not detachable, unlike some of its contemporaries. Microsoft also coated the keyboard with their Signature Alcantara fabric, which also cloaks the Omnisonic Speakers.

While personalized configurations are available, the starting price for the Surface Laptop is $999.99. Pre-orders are currently available, and Microsoft intends to begin shipping on June 15. Moreover, Microsoft will begin shipping the Surface Laptop a couple of month later in the UK and Australia.

As a bonus for early adapters, the Microsoft Surface Laptop will come with one year’s worth of Office 365 Personal. This offer will end on October 15.