Prince Harry visited the RAF Honington base in Suffolk, England, on Wednesday to present a ceremonial flag to No. 26 Squadron RAF Regiment and offer high-praise for the squadron in a touching speech.

Prince Harry Visits RAF Base

Harry, who is the Honorary Air Commandant, was welcomed to the base with a flyover by a Typhoon jet. He then proceeded to inspect the gathered troops prior to a ceremonial parade. Following the parade, Harry handed over the standard and gave a speech for those gathered.

‘This role is vital to UK defense and civil response capabilities; is is also highly valued by NATO,” Harry said, referring to the No 26 Squadron’s role specializing in counter-CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear).  “Alongside 27 Squadron, it is constantly committed at extremely high readiness to support the combined emergency service and military response to a incident in the UK”

The 30-year-old royal continued, “Indeed, such is the vital nature of this role that responsibility has been handed over to the remainder of the wing to allow the squadron to be on the parade today. It is clear that every member of the squadron possesses the determination and professionalism to succeed, even in the most arduous of circumstances,” Harry said, adding, “Traits which have ensured the squadron’s success since its formation and that are embodied in this new standard and the proud history it represents.”

Standards are only presented to RAF squadrons once every 25 years and is an event most RAF troops experience just once in their military careers.

Harry, who is a captain in the Blues and Royals and a trained Apache helicopter pilot, was appointed the Honorary Air Commandant by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008.

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