PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, often shortened to “PUBG,” initially launched through Steam Early Access on March 23. Since then, the free-for-all shooter has developed a massive following, with more than 24 million people having played it on PC.

Now, those who prefer to play games on their Xbox One can also enjoy the game because Battlegrounds has landed on Microsoft’s platform as a console exclusive.


Akin to the title’s Steam iteration, it is still a work in progress on the Xbox One, launching through the Xbox Game Preview program. However, the core experience has been maintained: you and 99 other players are stranded on the isolated island called Erangel. You start with limited supplies, forcing you to scrounge for “armor, weapons and health kits.” Will you outlive your opponents?

PUBG Corp., the studio behind their namesake game, plans to synchronize the features of the PC and Xbox One versions “as soon as possible.” However, in the meantime, the current build of the game on the Xbox One is described as “somewhat similar” to that of its initial Steam release, but with a few upgrades; along with “support for third-person solo, duo, and squad gameplay,” Xbox players can also enjoy vaulting.

Also of interest are some Xbox-exclusive cosmetic packs, which will be available to download for a limited time. Moreover, those with an Xbox One X will benefit from its extra power, enhancing Battlegrounds with 4K resolution, HDR support and more features that will be announced at a future date.

Finally, commemorating their flagship title’s console launch, PUBG Corp. is hosting a Mixer channel which will frequently showcase action-packed in-progress matches.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available on the Xbox One for $29.99. PUBG Corp. will continue to update the game, too, wth a new map, “Miramar,” listed as an upcoming inclusion. You can find a guide covering the controls for the console version at Xbox Wire. Furthermore, PUBG Corps. is eager to hear users’ feedback, which can be shared over on their forums.

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