Popular gamer Desmond “Etika” Amofah had an altercation with police last Monday that ended up with him in a hospital psyche ward. Etika was reportedly detained by police after threatening to kill himself which he lived streamed as 19,000 people followed along on Instagram.

During the stream, which led to “Etika” trending worldwide, the YouTuber described himself as “scared” even as his viewers told him to comply with police. During the stream, he alternated between showing himself in his apartment and the street outside his window lined with police cars and yellow caution tape. He said the police removed his door handle and eventually made their way inside. In the stream, a SWAT team complete with a riot shields can be seen asking Etika to put on his shoes before they escort him out.


After police took Amofah away, the stream continued with the camera pointed at a nondescript part of the room. The viewer count slowly diminished from 19,000 to 13,000 before eventually ending.

“Etika” has been apparently struggling with his mental health for months. In April, he said on Twitter that he was about to shoot himself. Days later, Amofah posted a photograph of himself holding a gun, which ex-girlfriend and fellow streamer Alice Pika said was faked.

YouTuber Sky Williams, who considered Amofah a friend, found himself blocked by the Amofah and later spoke out. “There is no combination of letters to describe how terrible I feel seeing this screen,” Williams wrote. “People keep waking me up because Etika continues to exhibit frightening behavior but I can’t do anything at all now and I’m sorry I couldn’t get through to him.”

A representative from the NYPD confirmed that he was taken into custody at 2:44 p.m. Authorities were called by fans after “Etika” had been struggling with his mental health for several months and threatened to kill himself inside his apartment.

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