Oscar Pistorius' trial for the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp entered its 10th day on Friday, where photos of Pistorius covered in blood were put on display and a former law enforcement official’s testimony provided ammunition for the defense.

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update

Earlier in the week, Pistorius became physically ill while hearing about and seeing pictures of his deceased former girlfriend, who he claims he accidentally killed, mistaking her for a burglar. On Friday, he had to glance at pictures of himself, his shorts and prosthetic legs covered in Steenkamp’s blood, reported the New York Daily News. The photos were taken shortly after police arrived on the scene at Pistorius’ Pretoria, South Africa home last February.

Along with the shirtless pictures of Pistorius, the court also saw photographs of the bloodied toilet that Steenkamp had been near when Pistorius shot through the bathroom door. A forensic expert used the images to explain the manner in which the model and burgeoning reality TV star met her death.

Col. G.S. Van Rensburg Testifies

Though the bloody photos provided a gruesome look at the events of Feb. 14, 2013, former police Col. G. S. Van Rensburg – a witness for the prosecution – offered testimony that could help Pistorius. When cross-examined by defense attorney Barry Roux, he became flummoxed about the chronology of events as reported by another officer, and by the discrepancies between two similar photographs, reported CNN.

Van Rensburg also admitted that law enforcement made something of a circus out of the crime scene during the initial stages of the investigation. Among the many troubling details given by Rensburg: a ballistic expert handling Pistorius’ pistol without gloves and a pricey watch belonging to the Olympian going missing. Rensburg himself was guilty of transporting the bathroom door – a key piece of evidence in the case – to his office instead of the evidence room in which it was supposed to be kept.

While on the stand, Van Rensburg was asked to provide further testimony about former investigating officer Hilton Botha. Botha had admitted last year that he walked through the crime scene without covers upon his shoes or any other protective, forensic clothes. Neither Botha nor Rensburg remain on the police force. Botha quit after his testimony last year and Van Rensburg retired in December after his improper handling of the door came to light.

If found guilty of premeditated murder by Judge Thokozile Masipa, Pistorius faces anywhere from 25 years to life in prison. Masipa could also find Pistorius guilty on the lesser charge of culpable homicide, which carries a shorter sentence.

– Chelsea Regan

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