Nicolas Cage, 45, is being sued yet again. The actor was sued last December by a real estate company for allegedly neglecting to pay over $5 million in loans. Around the same time, he was also sued for $13 million by his ex, Christina Fulton, who claimed he didn’t keep his support promises and booted her out of her L.A. home. For his part, Cage has sued his former financial manager claiming that he mismanaged his money. 

Now, Cage is facing accusation by Premier Financial Services, a leasing company. In 2007, Cage signed a 60-month lease agreement for a 1964 Rolls Royce. Four months later, Cage signed another 60-month lease agreement for yet another Rolls Royce. Recently, Cage allegedly broke both leases and returned the cars. The monthly payments combined were over $10,000. The leasing company is suing Cage for breaking the lease, and for the money they lost selling the cars wholesale. –NATASHA ALLOWAY

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