The New York Giants have taken a lot of pride for staying out of the headlines this offseason, but that all came to a stop over the weekend when Giants punter Steve Weatherford posted a controversial video on his Twitter account. The video includes all-pro defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul holding second year cornerback Prince Amukamara (pictured) on his shoulder, and dumping him into a freezing tub of water. The video also shows Amukamara, who did not look pleased as he was getting out of the tub, being taunted by his fellow teammates, and Pierre-Paul using obscene language and receiving high fives from those around.

Even though hazing is widely common throughout the league — most evidently on the HBO series Hard Knocks — many thought the incident was in poor taste.

One individual who is noticeably disappointed with this is Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “There were some parts of it that were inappropriate,” Coughlin told reporters. “In no way is anything that occurs within this family or within our group should that be a part of any social media aspect. So I am going to address that strongly because I spent a little time on that this preseason. I will look into that further." On Sunday, Weatherford took down the video and apologized via Twitter. “I want to apologize to the fans….” Weatherford tweeted. “The video I posted was distasteful. Our team is a family, and we love each other. I am sorry to the fans.”

Despite being the victim of this incident, Amukamara holds no grudge toward Pierre-Paul, or his teammates. “I just don't get it. I don't understand the rules," Amukamara told the New Jersey Star-Ledger. "I mean, I'm not a rookie anymore, so I don't know why I'm getting thrown in the tub. I know it's all love.”

Watch the video here:

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