Saban’s Power Rangers franchise has been a hallmark in children’s entertainment since 1993. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the first season of the Super Sentai adaption, and the upcoming Power Rangers film will reboot the original Power Ranger team for a new generation. A new trailer was released depicting the grittier take on the iconic characters.

New Power Rangers Trailer Brings Zordon, Alpha 5 And Goldar Back

The previous teaser showcased our heroes struggling with standard teenage drama as well as their new powers. The new trailer features our first look at Bryan Cranston as their mentor, Zordon. Zordon and his assistant, Alpha 5, introduced themselves. The duo was forthcoming about Rita Repulsa’s (portrayed by Elizabeth Banks) impending attack, and how the kids are predestined to save their city and, by extension, the world.

The five teenagers were also seen interacting with each other. In this continuity, the group hasn’t bonded yet, and they appear to be impacted by their newfound responsibility differently than their analogues in the original series.

Rita’s Putty Patrol can be seen antagonizing the Rangers. Furthermore, Goldar, Rita’s second-in-command, appeared in an enlarged state to menace Angel Grove. The new Power Ranger team enters the battle with their dinosaur-themed mechs, the Zords, but can they save the day? The trailer closes with the familiar melody of the original Mighty Morphin theme.

Saban’s Power Rangers film will explode into theaters on March 24.

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