Brian Louden in ‘Mythbusters’ on Dutch Oven Myth by Uinterview

MythBusters returns to the air this November with new hosts Brian Louden and Jon Lung.


One of the most unique episodes of the show in the upcoming season has to do with farts and explosions. The episode is called, “Deadly Dutch Oven,” according to Louden. “The premise is that a couple of any two people are in a sleeping bag together, and one being a jerk, dutch ovens. In case you don’t know what that is, that means he farts and pulls the cover of the sleeping bag over the other one, who apparently is also quite the jerk in this myth and decides to light up a cigarette,” he explains humorously. “The question we’re answering is, if you dutch oven that sleeping bag, and then give it some ignition, how big is that boom if there’s one at all.”

Lung gives a similar explanation of the myth, which doesn’t sound too complex at first. “You think it’s so simple, just farts and blowing stuff up, but actually it comes down to what is the composition of a fart, who farts how much, what is the average level of flatice per person per day,” Lung says excitedly. “We send farts out to a lab to get mass spectrometered. There’s a piece of paper with a chain of custody for me and Brian’s farts that goes all the way and can be audited by the government,” he laughs.

Louden and Lung got their new hosting jobs via MythBusters: The Search, a reality show in which new frontmen for the classic show were tried and chosen. Listen to the pair talk about their favorite myths and explosions in the upcoming season here. The new season debuts Nov. 15 on the Science Channel.