Brian Louden On ‘Mythbusters’ by Uinterview

Brian Louden and Jon Lung, the new hosts of the classic show Mythbusters, are thrilled to be taking center stage on the long-running series after winning Mythbusters: The Search in February.


Mythbusters is known to test the limits and myths surrounding scientific phenomena, providing quality entertainment for the masses. “I love the explosions and everything, but one of the myths we do this season involves onions and tears and those are my favorite, favorite types of myths,” Louden explained exclusively to uInterview after his New York ComicCon panel. “Cause you go into your kitchen and you go, ‘Why haven’t I tried any of those things the Mythbusters did to fix this?’ And then you go, ‘And why did they do it in such a crazy way?’ he jokes. “Because we’re fun, that’s why.”

While his favorite episode didn’t revolve around an explosion, the new season will be rife with exciting things that go boom. “The best explosion this season is one I think all the audience is gonna really enjoy because they’ve seen this explosion over and over on Mythbusters, but they’ve never seen this explosion in the way we do it  – water heaters have always been vertical and we lay one on its side and the explosion is breathtaking.”

Lung chimes in with his favorite myth they’ve busted, which does happen to involve explosions. “Can a wall of ‘oobleck’ actually protect you from that concussive pressure wave that comes off an explosion. I think that’s gotta be one of my favorites so far,” he said.

Jon Lung On ‘Mythbusters’ by Uinterview

And as for Lung’s favorite episode, he says it’s called “Delayed Causality.” “If you’ve watched any kind of action movie or TV show, it’s when a good guy swings the sword at a bad guy or a monster or something, the sword goes right through, and then there’s a pause, and then they just fall apart from being cut in half,” he begins. “And we were wondering, is it possible to swing a sword fast and hard enough to get that delayed causality kind of reaction from a human? We started with fruit and testing our swing, and we figure out that me and Brian can’t quite do it as fast or as hard, so what do we do next? Obviously we build a robot to do it for us.. And I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the end of the episode, we get toward something with the two words ‘rocket sword.” I’ll leave it at that, but it should be hilarious and fun to see.”

Despite the obvious fun the pair had this season, Lauden conceded that suddenly becoming the host of a television show was a challenge. “Going onto TV having not ever done it before is extremely difficult, and it’s not something that I think would interest me if it wasn’t the Mythbusters,” he stated. “Mythbusters has this great legacy of what it is and how true it is. We don’t fake anything. When it goes wrong, we’re gonna show you and tell you, and that’s important to me. Having the same crew from the past Mythbusters who were all there and who value that as much as we do, it was actually a pretty easy transition.”

The new season of the classic show will air Nov. 15 on the Science Channel.


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