Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied's pregnancy was the subject of denigration from Mike Huckabee earlier this week. Despite winning an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Black Swan, the conservative politician argued that the actress' “troubling” out-of-wedlock pregnancy sends the wrong message to young women. “People see a Natalie Portman who boasts, 'we're not married but we're having these children and they're doing just fine,” the presidential hopeful told radio host Michael Medved during The Michael Medved Show on Monday. "I think it gives a distorted image. It's unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of-wedlock children."

Portman, 29, announced she was expecting her first child with Millepied, 33, in December. During her acceptance speech on Sunday, she thanked him for "giving [her] the best role of [her] life." Yet despite their engagement and public display of commitment, Huckabee and Medved still managed find fault with the couple's pregnancy. "He didn't give her the most wonderful gift, which would be a wedding ring! And it just seems to me that sending that kind of message is problematic," Medved said. "There aren't really a lot of single moms out there who are making millions of dollars every year for being in a movie," Huckabee added, insinuating that Portman's situation is being deemed acceptable because of her career.

Long known for his conservative viewpoints, particularly in regard to social issues, the former governor of Arkansas and Republican presidential candidate in 2008 now hosts his own show on Fox News, aptly titled Huckabee. —EMILY EXTON


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