On March 3, Shaeed Woodard, Zindell Brown, Eric Williams and Latavia McGee took a road trip from North Carolina to the state of Tamaulipas in Matamoros, Mexico – an area controlled by the Gulf cartel.

Despite McGee’s mother’s warnings of the trip not being safe and Brown’s own feelings of danger, the group proceeded to cross the border in their white minivan. McGee called her mother just 15 minutes before the procedure, reassured her she would be fine, and the two never talked again.

An unverified video showed a group of four people being dragged into the bed of a pickup truck. Williams’ driver’s license was found at the scene. Authorities believe the cartel mistook the tourists for Haitian drug smugglers.

Woodard and Brown were killed during the abduction while Williams was shot in the leg. All four were being held at a stash house in a rural area of Matamoros. The two survivors have since returned to the U.S. while Woodard and Brown are being held for autopsies. Jose ‘N’ has been arrested as a suspect in charge of making sure the four didn’t escape.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby vowed to get justice for the families.

“We appreciate the hard work of the Justice Department the FBI and the DEA and the Department of Homeland Security … we’re grateful for their swift response to this dreadful incident and for their continued collaboration with Mexican authorities,” he said. “We’re going to work closely with the Mexican government to ensure that justice is done in this case.”


”Right now our focus is very squarely on these four Americans and the families that have been affected by the attack and I think you’ll hear more from the Justice Department as they learn more and can have more to share,” Kirby continued. “But it’s just too soon for me to be able to speak to any policy changes or, or vectors as a result of this attack.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke about his worries about American media once again attacking Mexico and portraying it as a dangerous country.

“We continue to work every day towards peace and are very sorry that this has happened in our country,” Obrador said. “We send our condolences to the victims’ friends and family and the American people. And we will continue to work towards peace.”

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