Lamar Odom, the soon-to-be former son-in-law of Bruce Jenner, has apparently addressed Jenner’s sex change rumors in private.

Lamar Odom On Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Odom apparently doesn’t know and doesn’t care if the speculation about Jenner’s desire to physically transition into a woman is true.

Bruce hasn’t told Lamar he wants to be a woman,” a source tells told “Lamar encourages Bruce to stay true to whoever he is and or wants to be. He did tell him that living with that family and being with Kris [Jenner] was all about perfection and how surgery is a normal thing in her eyes.”

According to the source, Odom believes that Bruce Jenner has “lost touch” with reality from his many years living under the thumb of the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch. However, no matter what, the former Olympic athlete has always maintained his “manly" interests.

“Bruce is a total dude, all he talks about are cars and motorcycles and sports,” said the insider, who calls him a “total man’s man.” He added, “I’ve known him for more than five years and I’ve never, ever seen him do or say anything that would make me think he wants to be a woman.”

Kris Jenner Refutes Sex Change Rumors

Earlier this month, Kris Jenner slammed the sex change rumors on the Today show. “[It’s] a story they keep regurgitating from the ‘70s,” she said, claiming that her estranged husband has never considered gender-reassignment surgery.

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The rumors heated up again recently when it was reported that Bruce Jenner was considering having his Adam’s apple flattened – a procedure common for those looking to transition from male to female. “I just don’t like my trachea,” Bruce Jenner explained to TMZ at the time. He further stated that the laryngeal shave and his plans to remove scar tissue from his nose had been postponed for some time in the future.

– Chelsea Regan

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