Kylie Minogue and her fiancé Joshua Sasse have no intention of getting married until Australia has marriage equality.

Kylie Minogue, Joshua Sasse Delay Wedding

Minogue, 48, and Sasse, 28 will not be tying the knot until Australia permits and recognizes same-sex marriage. The two could be waiting some time to say “I do,” as Australia’s main opposition party has stated its intention to block Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s attempts to hold a national referendum on marriage equality.

Sasse explained the couple’s position on getting married in an interview with CNN affiliate the Seven Network.

“There are chances of a Melbourne wedding, but me and Kylie have talked about it and… until this law has passed in Australia, we will not be getting married,” Sasse said. “I simply can’t fathom on any level whether it’s moral, religious, or anything, that I have the right to get married and to marry the person I love, and that somebody else doesn’t just because of their own sexual orientation.”

Sasse added, “That is not what equality is all about.”

Recently, Sasse also launched a campaign to promote marriage equality, “Say I Do Down Under.” The campaign has already started selling T-shirts that benefit Australians for Equality, which is lobbying to bypass a referendum in favor of a “free vote of parliament.”

Among those supporting Sasse’s campaign are Sia, Kelly Ripa, Dolly Parton and Margot Robbie – who wore a “Say I Do Down Under” t-shirt on Saturday Night Live.

Props to Margot ???️‍? #SayIDoDownUnder

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