Kim Kardashian marked the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on Friday with a touching Instagram post and personal essay.

Kim Kardashian Marks 100th Anniversary Of Armenian Genocide

Kardashian, who just returned from a trip to Armenia with her sister, Khloé Kardashian, shared a photo of her and her sister visiting the genocide memorial in Armenia on Instagram. “I am proud to say I have been to Armenia. I have seen the memorials and the people who survived and I am so proud of how strong the Armenian people are!” Kardashian wrote.

The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians added that she hoped the Armenian Genocide would be recognized. Many countries still refuse to officially admit the event occurred, and the U.S. has yet to recognize the deaths as a genocide at a federal level.

“I am saddened that still 100 years later not everyone has recognized that 1.5 million people were murdered. But proud of the fact that I see change and am happy many people have started to recognize this genocide! We won’t give up, and we will be recognized by all soon,” Kardashian concluded.

Both Khloé and their older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, also took to Instagram to mark the tragic anniversary, and both called for more recognition. “I am proud to be Armenian and I won’t be silenced or made to believe the stories of our ancestors are ‘exaggerated.’ I pray that the moral universe ultimately will bend towards justice. Today let’s respect the eternal memory of those who perished in this undeniable act of hate,” Khloé wrote.

Kim Kardashian Calls On President Obama To Recognize Armenian Genocide

In an essay written for Time Magazine, Kardashian opened up about her Armenian heritage, revealing that her great-great grandparents had immigrated to the U.S. in 1914, one year before the genocide. “We have no existing family left in Armenia. Had they not escaped, we wouldn’t be here,” Kardashian wrote.

Kardashian urged President Obama to recognize the Armenian Genocide, writing, “I would like President Obama to use the word ‘genocide.’ It’s very disappointing he hasn’t used it as President. We thought it was going to happen this year. I feel like we’re close–but we’re definitely moving in the right direction.”

Furthermore, Kardashian wrote that she thinks it’s time Turkey acknowledged the event, though she made clear she doesn’t blame the Turkish people for an event that happened a century ago. “I believe in moving on and looking toward a brighter future, but you can’t move on unless you acknowledge the past. To not do so is an act of disrespect.”