Michael Patrick King, the series showrunner of And Just Like That…, revealed his process of writing the sequel show to the iconic Sex And The City and laid to rest any hopes we have of a potential Kim Cattrall cameo in the future.

When asked if there was ever a chance of Cattrall returning, King said he has “no realistic expectation” of that ever happening. He also joked that “the only place I participate in magical thinking is in fiction… Magically thinking, it’s great to have Samantha,” he told Variety. The reason King gave that the door could never be opened is that Cattrall has “said what she has said.”

King is likely referring to Cattrall’s apparent refusal to return to the character for a 3rd film in the SATC franchise, and inflammatory comments she made about her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker in the wake of the film’s cancellation.

While the character Samantha didn’t appear in the series in person, King incorporated her by showing texts from Samantha to onscreen characters occasionally on the show. He said he enjoyed sprinkling in Samantha’s sense of humor that way because “you feel like she’s there again.”

King also gave an interesting insight to one of the most shocking scenes of the And Just Like That pilot: Carrie’s husband Mr. Big dying from a heart attack after a peloton workout. According to King, Mr. Big’s death was a central aspect of the canceled 3rd movie, and he said “I’m so thrilled it didn’t happen in the movie, because I wouldn’t have been able to explore the journey with Carrie.” With the benefit of a full season, seeing that “Carrie is single again at 55,” was an exciting element to explore much more deeply for King.

The sequel series hasn’t been renewed for season 2 yet, and you can stream its full season online now on HBO Max.

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