Spoiler Alert!

Sex and The City fans were left reeling when Chris Noth‘s character John “Mr. Big” Preston faced an untimely death at the end of the very first episode of the show’s sequel series, And Just Like That…, which premiered December 9.

Mr. Big is shown suffering a heart attack after completing an exercise on a Peloton exercise bike. Before he dies, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) arrives, and they lock eyes for one last moment before he dies in Carrie’s arms.

The moment was mocked on social media when the episode aired, even causing celebrity SATC fans such as Jonah Hill to weigh in. Most criticized the fact that Carrie didn’t even attempt to call 911 before Mr. Big died.

Noth, 67, spoke to Vogue about his discussions with And Just Like That… creator Michael Patrick King, referring to their final scene together as a “Bonnie and Clyde moment,” referring to when the titular film characters’ face their demise, “They have that look with each other, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. They both know that it’s the end.”

Noth praised the directing of the scene, and the fact that it had “no corny dialogue, just a look, and I thought [King] did it so beautifully.”

Noth admitted he “balked” at the decision to bring his character back just to kill him off at first but ultimately said King made him “very comfortable with dying.” Noth realized his time had come with the character “unless we’re gonna be doing Scenes From A MarriageSex and the City style.”

On Sunday, Peloton released a commercial referencing Mr. Big’s demise on Instagram, reviving his character one more time to celebrate “new beginnings” with a Peloton instructor and some brand new bikes.

And Just Like That… is on HBO Max and will be airing its third episode on December 16.

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