We need to talk about the elephant in the room, you know, the one strolling around your neighborhood.

An elephant escaped a circus in Wisconsin early Friday morning and roamed around Baraboo, Wisconsin, for about 20 minutes.

The elephant, Kelly, escaped from Circus World around 5 a.m. on Friday morning and was seen by Jaime Peterson, a resident of Baraboo, eating leaves off trees and plants around the neighborhood.

“She was just having some breakfast, I guess,” Peterson told the Baraboo News Republic.

The News Republic reports that the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department received a call concerning the elephant shortly after 5 a.m. Scott O’Donnell, the executive director of Circus World said that the elephant was only loose for a maximum of 20 minutes and that the elephant’s trainer led Kelly back to her home without any problems.  

According to O’Donell, Kelly got a little help getting out of her cage.

“Kelly went for a very short neighborhood stroll this morning after her partner-in-crime, Miss Isla, opened the door on the elephant barn,” he told the News Republic. “They’re very curious and intelligent animals.”

He also took time to assure others that this incident is irregular and that steps will be taken to assure that it does not happen again.

“We’re going to keep a better eye on her friend, who we now know has a mischievous streak to her. I’m not making light of any of it – we’ll check all of our protocols, as we should, and take the appropriate measures.”

The Circus World park opened in Baraboo on July 1, 1959, 57 years ago this week, on less than an acre of land. The circus now operates on a 65-acre parcel of land and is open year round.

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