Acrobat Vickki Garcia is speaking out after falling 25-feet mid-show during her acrobatic performance the Circo Hermanos Vazquez.

Circus Accident: Acrobat Falls 25 Feet

Garcia fell 24-feet during her acrobatic performance on Thursday, May 28, at the Circo Hermanos Vazquez’s Houston stop. Flying high in the air, Garcia was preparing for a particularly daring stunt, in which she dangles over the audience by her hair, when she suddenly fell straight down into the seating area below. (The fall happens at the 20-second mark in the video below. WARNING: Language NSFW)

“These things happen at the circus…It’s a live performance, and that is what a lot of people don’t understand… Like balancing acts, like the strong-men acts, all those kinds of acts, they all have a risk. This act was one of the ones that was the highest risk of them all,” said Circo Hermanos Vazquez general manager Lorena Vignaud.

Staffers ran to her side, and Garcia was taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Thankfully, she only suffered minor injuries and should be able to return to work soon. Garcia has been a circus performer for 17 years, performing acrobatics with her husband, Pablo Garcia, as the Duo Garcia. And the performer told ABC News she has no intention of leaving her acrobat act behind. “It’s part of my life – it’s what I do. I don’t feel normal if I’m not working,” Garcia said.

Garcia also opened up about what exactly caused the accident, saying she believes her fall was just an accident.

“I have my safety cable. I clip my safety cable in and then I pass the loop to my husband. And as I was going into position, I always check if my safety cable’s in, but apparently I didn’t clip it in far enough,” she said, taking responsibility for her fall.

Garcia minimized her injures, complaining only of “a little bruise here, a little bruise here, a little bruise here.” She added that she has been slowly building up her strength so she can return to work, saying, “I’m doing so many exercises, walking around everywhere so I can go back to work.”

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