An elephant escaped from a German circus and killed a German man walking in the woods on Saturday morning.

Escaped Circus Elephant Kills German Man

A 65-year-old man was killed while taking a morning walk in the woods near Buchen, Germany, on Saturday, June 13. The African elephant reportedly escaped from a nearby circus and somehow crossed paths with the man around 5 a.m. Heidelberg police spokeswoman Yvonne Schmierer confirmed the attack, but did not release any details on the injuries that caused the man’s death.

Baby, the 34-year-old female elephant, was captured that same day and returned to the circus unharmed. Police are currently investigating the elephant’s escape, and the elephant may have been let out of its enclosure.

“There’s evidence of third party involvement. Either someone forgot to shut the enclosure, or the elephant was released intentionally,” Schimierer said.

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