K-Pop star Irene from the girl group Red Velvet has apologized for her “immature behavior” after she verbally attacked a Korean fashion editor.

The fashion editor, Kang Kook Hwa, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her experience of working with “an ‘adult child’ who lacks character + has a sense of entitlement.”

“I should have prepared myself from the stories I’ve heard before I met her. But today, I became speechless as this person stung me with her words that are like electric needles,” Hwa wrote in a post on her Instagram, which has now been made private. A copy of the post and its English translation can be found on AllKPop.

She continued: “This person skipped the greeting and sat right down as this person began spewing insults at my face with her cellphone pointed at me.” She added, “The knife from her mouth did not stop as I have been stabbed multiple times by her words, and only tears rolled down my face.”

The problematic star was never named in the post, but fans began to speculate about who the anonymous celebrity was as the post ended with #monster and #psycho, two titles of Red Velvet songs.

Irene posted a black square to Instagram with an apology written in the caption in Korean.

“This is Irene. I sincerely apologize for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and careless words and actions,” she wrote. “I received a lot of help from people who gave their effort for me to get to where I am now and I regret that I hurt them greatly with my immature behavior.”

The apology continued, “This incident has made me look back on the past, and I’m very ashamed of my poor words and actions, and I feel the importance of staff members once again. I’ll think and act more carefully, so this does not happen again. I’m truly sorry to the fans who support me and for causing worry because of this incident.”


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