BTS member, Jungkook, had a strong reaction to the groups of fans who recently gathered outside his gym for a chance to meet him.

Speaking to the BTS Army during a recent live session on Weverse, the 25-year-old singer emphasized how grateful he is for his fans, saying that he is “very thankful that you cheer for me, and have an interest in me,” but asked them to “don’t come see me when I am working out.”


Admitting that he was drunk, the K-pop idol said that had this incident occurred in the past, “I wouldn’t have been able to talk about things like this but it’s been a while since we debuted and we know so much about each other, I’m a human too,” he pleaded with his fans.

Jungkook explained that he only noticed the group when he was “leaving the place to go back home” but was shocked at the immensity of the accumulated group. “It is not a good action,” he said, slamming the BTS Army’s behavior.

“I know that I am drunk. I know I am… I just don’t want to be inhibited by [the BTS Army], whether it’s home or when I go to a restaurant,” he paused before adding “or when I am working out.”

The BTS member explained that while he wants “to do things for each and every one of you,” he would be “thankful if you support me from far away.” He explained that when his fans “suddenly come see” him, it puts him in an “awkward” situation that causes him “headaches.”

“I will be thankful if you refrain from doing that,” said the Korean star.  

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