After announcing their plans to serve their mandatory military service before reuniting in 2025, BTS members J-Hope and Jimin paid a visit to their bandmate, Jin, who was the first to enlist in the South Korean army.

After a three-month-long hiatus from social media, Jin, aka Kim Seok-jin, took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the sweet reunion with a post captioned “Welcome,” which has already garnered more than 13 million likes. The photo shows the 30-year-old K-pop sensation in his army uniform, as he stood between J-Hope and Jimin, who both had opted for a casual look, wearing beanies.


In a recent live session on Weverse, Jimin – aka Park Jimin – reflected on meeting his bandmate at his military base, giving an update about how Jin’s well-being to their army of fans. According to a Twitter user who translated the live session, Jimin had managed to see his bandmate after first getting in touch about two weeks ago.

He explained that while “it would have been nice if all members went together,” their scheduling conflicts permitted them from doing so.

“I got a break because it was the weekend. Jung Ho Seok (J-Hope) had a day off too. So, we went together. [Jin] ate really well. [Jin] likes food, but the amount is less than before. (But) I feel like he (his appetite) is back. We were eating together, and he ate really well,” he informed the BTS army.

Jimin added that he “felt good because [Jin] ate better than I thought. He has gotten stronger. His face is the same as before, but his body has gotten stronger. I thought he adjusted well (in the army).”

As the eldest member of the group, Jin was the first to enlist for his 18 months of military service, which he began in December 2022. According to Allkpop, Jin had become a commander in his unit and served as a training assistant, before recently being promoted to Private First Class. Other members of BTS are soon to follow, each within their own timeline.

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