Stephen Colbert began his live show with an on-going musical number featuring an orphan girl afraid to vote, former host Jon Stewart and Broadway’s Hamilton‘s Javier Muñoz.


The skit started with a little girl crying in the audience, explain-singing how she was afraid to vote, followed by Colbert insisting that she must. Then Stewart comes out dressed as an Uncle Sam of sorts, and says the girl does not actually need to vote. A hilarious exchange between Colbert and Stewart breaks out in which Colbert asks Stewart if he remembers who is running for president.

“I assume Walter Mondale, that nice Mormon fellow perhaps?” replies Stewart. He spits his water all over Colbert when he informs him that it is in fact Donald Trump. “That angry tax- and draft- dodging little orange groundhog is running for president?”

The both tell the little girl that she must vote. She pleads with them, saying that Hillary Clinton is the opposing runner and she doesn’t know which candidate is worse. “He is!” Colbert and Stewart both exclaim. The girl then sings a piece about how just choosing the better of two bad choices because people say to is the “coward’s way.” Colbert and Stewart seem convinced until Muñoz walks out yelling “No!”

“Please tell me you’re not throwing away your shot,” the singer pleads. “History has its eyes on you.” His song urges everyone to use the power to vote that people died to protect, before he drops the mic and declares he has a matinee tomorrow and runs offstage.

The skit ends with everyone agreeing that everyone must vote on election day and share their voice, with the implicit instruction that everyone vote for Clinton over Trump. As the fadeout music begins, Stewart fills in the spaces with quips about Trump. “He was endorsed by David Duke! His tiny hands might get a nuke!”

Watch the entire trending video below.

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