Saturday Night Live mocked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with a fake interview of the two on CNN. Once again, Alec Baldwin impersonated Trump and Kate McKinnon played Clinton.

The main topic of the SNL interview were Clinton’s emails, but the sketch also made hilarious jokes about Trump’s tweets and relationship with the FBI, Putin and the KKK.

“Am I crazy, or does it kind of seem like the FBI is trying to get Donald Trump elected president?” Clinton asked.

Baldwin’s Trump was quick to jump in. “No, no. That is crazy, cuckoo. The FBI is not trying to help me, the FBI doesn’t like me. I mean, what even is the FBI?” Then the sketch showed an FBI agent getting a kiss on the mouth from Trump.


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“What is happening?” Clinton asked. “Is the whole world insane? Donald Trump has single-handedly ruined so much of what we Americans hold dear. Kindness, decency, Tic Tacs. Skittles. Taco bowls. Father-daughter dances. Bright red hats. The word ‘great.’ The color orange. Men.”

“But look, if you want to elect him president on Tuesday, go ahead,” she continued. But in four years, when Americans start to regret their choice and start begging her to run again, Clinton added, “Guess what, idiots? I’ll do it.”

At the end of the video, SNL imagines what it would be like if Trump and Clinton made amends. They said they were sick of this election and went out on the street holding hands, where they hugged supporters of their opposing candidate. The sketch closed with a statement urging viewers to get out and vote.

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