Comedian and actor Jim Carrey has been cleared of any wrongdoing in connection of the death of his girlfriend Cathriona White, who committed suicide in Sept. 2015. She was 30.


After White killed herself, her family sued the actor for wrongful death, claiming that Carrey gave White three sexually transmitted diseases, which led to her decision to commit suicide. The lawsuits, filed by White’s ex-husband Mark Burton and her mother Brigid Sweetman, were dismissed on Jan. 25. The pair also accused Carrey of acquiring the prescription drugs White used to kill herself by using a fake name.

Carrey countersued in October, claiming that White had the STDs when they first met and that she had falsified her medical records. “White’s intent in obtaining these records was clear — she cooked the records, creating forgeries with altered information, phony tests and fictitious dates,” his lawsuit stated according to the Daily News.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the suits against Carrey had been dropped, but no reason was given. Carrey’s attorney has yet to comment on the change, only stating that the actor is looking forward to moving on with his life. The attorney for Burton and Sweetman, Michael Avenatti, told the magazine on Wednesday: “We have no further comment at this time.”

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