Looks like the fame has gone to the Jersey Shore cast’s fake tanned heads. Shooting for season 3 of MTV’s highly popular reality show turned pop culture phenomenon has come to an abrupt halt. Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D and Vinny have all refused to film for season 3 until they receive new contracts and bigger paychecks – they reportedly earn $10,000 each per episode.

It is unclear whether or not Snooki and The Situation are holding out as well, as their shooting was scheduled for today. Season 2 of the show shot mostly in Miami, while the cast’s recent trip to the real Jersey Shore is reportedly going to be used for a third season. The most controversial cast members – Snooki and The Situation — are in talks to be the focal points of a fourth season. The show’s second season premieres on MTV on July 29. –ELENA COX


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    They are complaining about getting $10,000 per episode and want more? I'm sorry but i don't even think they deserve that much…

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