On the Late Late Show last night James Corden put Jenna Dewan Tatum‘s dancing skills to the test by challenging her to “Toddlerography,” with a class taught by the “hardest, toughest group of choreographers in all of Los Angeles.”

You’d think that Tatum would be able to keep up with any time of dancing, beginning her career as a dancer for Christina Aguilera and Missy Eliot and starring in Step Up. But Toddlerography is dancing like you’ve never seen before. Toddlerography involves following the random, unbalanced movements of little girls and boys: scampering around the room, throwing their limbs around, all to Sia‘s “Alive.” To be honest, the toddlerography dancing doesn’t seem that far off from Sia’s contemporary styles.

After they were done with the strenuous exercise they relaxed in the cool down: nap time.

See Corden, Tatum, and their toddler teachers in this hilariously adorable video:

Tatum currently plays Lucy Lane on Supergirl.



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