Hulk Hogan is reportedly walking with a cane after severe side effects from back surgery left him without feeling in his lower body.

Fellow retired wrestler Kurt Angle recently discussed Hogan’s surgery on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Podcast. The former olympian said he spoke to Hogan about his deteriorating health when they appeared at the 30th anniversary of WWE’s Monday Night Raw together earlier this month.

“Hogan had his back surgery again,” Angle said on the show. “He had the nerves cut from his lower body. He can’t feel his lower body, so he has to use his cane to walk around. I thought he was using the cane because he had pain in his back. He doesn’t have any pain. He has nothing at all. He can’t feel anything.”

He continued that Hogan can’t feel his legs.

“I really feel for Hogan,” he added. “He put his heart and soul into the business and it ate him up.”

Angle said the anniversary broadcast didn’t show how severe Hogan’s condition was, but fans noticed he was moving slower than usual at another recent event. Hogan took the stage at a karaoke night in Clearwater Beach on Monday.

The WWE star has not commented on his health.

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