Wrestler Hulk Hogan has confidentially settled a lawsuit against talk radio host Mike Calta and Cox Radio Inc. who Hogan accused of leaking his sex tape in 2012. 

The tape depicted Hogan having sex with the wife of Cox Radio host, Bubba Clem. Clem left the station in 2014.

The lawsuit sought $110 million in damages. 

“My understanding is the lawsuit was amicably resolved by Cox and Hogan on terms that are confidential. I’ll address the rest Monday on my show,” Calta wrote in a direct message to reporters. 

Documents from court show that the judge has closed the case between Calta and Hogan, but not the exact disposition. 

The sex tape is among other leaks that have wreaked havoc on Hogan’s professional career. In 2015, an audio footage of Hogan using racial slurs was leaked online. This led to WWE cutting all ties with the wrestler.