Hugh Jackman got a bit too aggressive while acting out a scene in a preview of Broadway’s The River, mistakenly slicing open his finger onstage.

Hugh Jackman's Onstage Injury

Jackman was up on stage at the Circle in the Square Theatre Wednesday night when he accidentally cut himself with knife while slicing a lemon about 30 minutes into the play. “Blood was spurting everywhere. It was reminiscent of Dan Aykroyd‘s Julia Child impression on SNL,” one playgoer told PageSix.

Instead of seeking immediate medical attention, Jackman wrapped his injured finger in a towel and continued on with the show.

"Hugh managed to improvise so well that when he got offstage, someone asked him if he's going to do that every night," another source told PageSix. "He replied, ‘Hopefully not, I've only got five fingers on each hand.'"

On Friday, Jackman took to Instagram to reassure his fans and followers that he still had all 10 digits despite the mishap. “Still got 'em all!" he captioned the snap of his hands.

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Earlier this year, Jackman shared some insight into the fisherman character he portrays in The River, and how the part requires him to gut and clean a fish live during every performance.

"One of the characters catches a fish, a sea trout. and it is brought on stage and one of the girls says ‘What are we going to do with it?' And I say, ‘Well, we're going to cook it. We're going to eat it.' We literally gut it, clean it,” he said at the TimesTalk event, adding, "Don't worry. I'm going to make you love gutting fish."

The River officially opens on Broadway Nov. 16.

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