The stars of Hollywood Hillbillies, a new reality show on the Reelz Channel, believe that the comments made by fellow reality star Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson about gays and blacks have been blown out of proportion.

'Hollywood Hillbillies' On Phil Robertson

Michael Kittrell, Aunt Dee Dee and Grandma Delores, who have relocated to Hollywood from Georgia after Kittrell got his big break with a viral YouTube video – like the Robertson’s – are outspoken about their relationship with the Bible. When asked about Robertson’s controversial statements in his GQ interview, Grandma Delores candidly admitted she thought a bigger deal was made out of them than was warranted.

“Well, I don’t think he really meant anything by it,” she told Uinterview exclusively. “We say our opinions and everything, and about the Bible and stuff like that. But, we don’t really try to tell somebody how to live their own life. And, I think he was just saying an opinion. I don’t think there should have been that big of a deal made out of it.”

Kittrell, tossing his two cents in, added, “It was just a big mess is all that was,” adding, “Lady Gaga said it best: ‘We’re born this way.’”

Hollywood Temptations For Michael Kittrell

While Grandma Delores might believe that everyone should be left to live their lives as they see fit, that doesn’t hold for her grandson Kittrell. Asked how she plans on keeping him in line in Hollywood, she said with a laugh, “With a strong hand and a big gun.” With a more serious tone, she continued, “Just by a lot of prayer and always being there for him. I love my grandson, but I’m really lucky. He’s 21 and has never gotten into any trouble, really.

“He’s always been a good kid he’s never come home drunk. He never stays out all night.… I just didn’t want anyone to take advantage of him.”

Kittrell admitted that the temptations in Hollywood are greater than back home, but maintains that he’s not the type to give into them. “I don’t really get tempted a lot, but I guess I’d have to say the women,” he told Uinterview, referring to his biggest temptation. “There’s just a lot of fine… the girls out there! They wear these short shorts, and they got these new things called jogging pants, yoga pants. They’re like leggings. I’ll be honest with you. I’m a good Christian boy, but mmm.”

More prone to temptations is Kittrell’s Aunt Dee Dee, who’s considering getting some silicone implants to look more like the celebs she admires. “Our boobs, we trip over them in the morning. Those girls’ boobs, they don’t move,” she said. “The silicone. I got to feel some of them. I asked the girls. They’re just so firm. I just want to be like that. I want a little tush that’s firm and bobbies that are firm, because I’m just shot.”

Hollywood Hillbillies premieres tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 21 on Reelz at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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