Alicia struggles to focus on her campaign while Louis Canning pursues his lawsuit against Florick/Agos/Lockhart on The Good Wife‘s “Mind’s Eye.”

The Good Wife 6×14 Recap

Alicia (Julianna Margulies) is close to being elected State’s Attorney, and she has a very important interview with the editorial board that could win her the election. Her opponent, Prady (David Hyde Pierce), has already completed his interview, and his charming TV host ways appear to have swept the board off its feet. Unfortunately for Alicia, she’s lost her voice to a non-cold virus and is left alone by her campaign manager, Johnny (Steven Pasquale), and Marissa (Sarah Steele) to ‘rest,’ which, for Alicia, means agonizing incessantly over the interview.

Alicia imagines what the board could possibly ask: will they ask her why she isn’t as funny as Prady? Will they bring up her son’s girlfriend getting an abortion? Her thoughts are periodically interrupted by her imagined advice from her campaign manager, Marissa and Eli (Alan Cumming).

Louis Canning Wants A $4 Million Settlement

Louis Canning (Michael J Fox) interrupts Alicia’s musings. Canning calls saying that he’s willing to settle his wrongful eviction suit, for a mere $4 million. The conversation succeeds in getting Alicia’s mind off any interview nerves, and has her focusing on imagined depositions regarding the suit, which could taint the last few weeks of her campaign. Thinking about the depositions, Alicia realizes that they might have a problem: David Lee. David is the only partner who wouldn’t be on the hook to pay part of Canning’s wrongful eviction settlement, and now Alicia is worried that he plans on backstabbing Florrick/Agos/Lockhart. Alicia calls Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to ask her to investigate any remaining relationship between David Lee and Canning and then returns to her campaign fears. Kalinda calls in less than an hour saying that David Lee and Canning have called each other over two dozen times in the past few weeks. Diane (Christine Baranski), Cary (Matt Czuchry) and Alicia agree that they do not want to settle at $4 million and plan on finding holes in his case during depositions.

Johnny calls and delivers some more bad news: there’s a rumor of a wire tap that recorded Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) saying that he “just bought the next state’s attorney.” Bishop did create a Super Pac for her campaign, and that could be putting her in danger. Trying to juggle her potential interview train crash and Canning’s lawsuit has Alicia all mixed up, and, to make matters worse, her thoughts become even more crowded when she stumbles on a credit card commercial where the spokesman sounds identical to Will. Needing to clear her head, Alicia goes out for a walk.

Alicia Visits Canning In The Hospital

While on her walk, Diane and Cary call her with the news that Canning fainted and is in the hospital. The health he always threatens Alicia with during their various trials and conflicts appears to actually be in real decline, and Alicia feels guilty for doubting him, even if it was just in her head. Canning called to push back the depositions, which had been scheduled for the next day, and, regardless of his prognosis, they think that they should settle with Canning. They won’t pay him the $4 million, but they should pay him something because he’s going to use his health against them in a trial. Still, they decide to hold off until after Canning is released from the hospital.

Feeling guilty, Alicia goes to the hospital to visit Canning and talk to his wife, Simone (Susan Misner). At the hospital, Simone tells Alicia she’s afraid Canning might not make it through the night. Meanwhile, Alicia is worried for her daughter, Grace (Makenzie Vega), after receiving a text meant for Grace from one of her Church friends. Evan sends Grace a text asking her not to give up on God, and she responds that she’s not, she’s “just done.” While Alicia hasn’t always been the biggest supporter of Grace’s religious beliefs, she suddenly worries that Grace abandoning religion might signify her turning down a bad path.

Alicia visits with Simone and offers to bring Simone food or supplies, anything. But all Simone asks is that Alicia pray for her husband, pray that he makes it through the night. Alicia, a firm atheist, agrees and promptly calls Grace. She asks Grace to pray for her, because she doesn’t believe in it the way Grace does. Grace agrees.

Later, the two have a heart to heart about Grace’s faith. Alicia tells her daughter that she hopes her non-belief doesn’t affect Grace’s desire to believe, and Grace admits that her faith comes and goes – it’s something she works on. After speaking with Grace, Alicia tries to call Zach, who she hasn’t been close to since the news of his girlfriend’s abortion, but he doesn’t pick up.

Alicia heads into her interview with Johnny and floats the idea of being honest about Bishop, but he convinces her that her lying now would just be for the greater good. In the end, if she gets elected, she’ll be able to do more good than Prady, and that will be worth it in the end.

As Alicia looks at Johnny driving, she says goodbye to the Will in her head, and it looks like she might be on her way to making a move on her campaign manager. The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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