Here's the thing: Columbus Day may just be America's iffiest national holiday, on the count that (a) the Genoa-born Columbus wasn't American and (b) the man is responsible for exploiting the Native American population that stood in the way of his glorified mission. So today marks a bittersweet day, at best. Twitter users attuned to this polarizing dilemma supply a much-needed dose of irony, responding variably by either whining about not having the day off of school or sardonically embracing the devious historic past of the emblematic holiday. Here are our Top 10 Funny In A Sad Way Tweets About Columbus Day:

1. How bout a festival to celebrate Columbus Day! Kiddies can dress in costumes and pretend to enslave n kill millions of people. FUN!! —@ebenet

2. HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY: You can celebrate by going out for Indian curry, getting lost, winding up at American Grill and enslaving the staff. —@LouBrutus

3. In honor of Columbus Day, I'm tweeting this and claiming all the tweets in your timeline as mine. —@TUSK81

4. Columbus Day, the holiday that no one knows whether they have off. —@alexia

5. Happy Columbus Day. To think, 116 years ago today Sacagawea met George Washington at Plymouth Rock. My father marched with them. —@MITTR0MNEY

6. Let's celebrate Columbus day by walking into someone's house and telling them we live there now. —@someecards

7. Is celebrating Columbus Day in America like celebrating George W. Bush day in Iraq? —@LOLGOP

8. To celebrate Columbus Day I shall bring my cold to work & get everyone sick. It's not small pox but it'll have to do. —@TheDiLLon1

9. Columbus Day: The day that celebrates the fact that men refuse to ask for directions and end up in new worlds. —@MarshallRamsey

10. i demand columbus day be replaced with an awesomer holiday like vincent price day. —@gray3yardgirl

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