Former Power Ranger star Ricardo Medina, Jr. pleaded guilty to stabbing and killing his roommate Joshua Sutter in 2015.


Medina, 38, “entered the plea to one felony count of voluntary manslaughter and admitted an allegation of using a sword in the killing,” said the LA County District Attorney’s office. Medina stabbed Sutter with a sword in their home after a fight broke out over Medina’s girlfriend.

Medina called police to the home. The fight escalated when Medina and his girlfriend retreated to his bedroom and Sutter tried to force entry. Medina stabbed Sutter in the abdomen with a sword kept by his door. Swords were the weapon of choice of Medina’s 2002 character the Red Ranger.

Medina initially claimed the act was in self defense but Sutter’s autopsy showed injuries consistent with defensive wounds. If he had gone to trial and been convicted, Medina would have faced 26 years to life in prison. Now, by pleading guilty, Medina will serve just 6 years behind bars.

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